Anatomy of a human hurricane by Faradiba Morton

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Births a storm
Arising the spirit within me
Rising, spiralling from the soul left
Awakens the winds of life
With updrafts of rain bands
Dripping life on my window pane
Where dreams become lost
With blue eyes and bleeding lips
It could have been worst
Anger of this human hurricane
Never dissipates the pain
High winds blew with vengeance gain
Eyes, blood shot red
Escaping the threads of death...

Birth of a storm
Young blood lost too much
Rising, descending through the heart
Questions the beholder
Conditions explained hurricane forms
Ripe life like dreadful shreds
Left without a home
Droplet of life left from the storm
Without a mediator of no goals
Winds that opens ocean storms
That swallows up all hope
Young blood left barren and bare
Powerless with broken dreams
Life's choices had no grace
Shackled, behind bars
Rose the anger of the human hurricane storm

Birth of a storm
Innocence taken before she knew life
With forceful winds and high tides
Burns the skin and take away your soul
Where water cuts like knives
Reliving the dying pain with each day
Destructions coming from all directions
Leaving every path with a dead end
Unleashed with devils winds
Bleeding wrist decides to end the fate
Suspended violence brewing up a storm
Unable to die wishing you were never born
Broke the silence and unleashed the hurricane storm

Birth of a storm
Woman loosing the love of her life
Lowest measures of deadly treasures
Metals taken they life
Full fury unleashed on innocent blood
Now she sits there broken and alone
Torn apart by the blazing cold
Unable to find the next step ahead
Cause the pain inside makes her feel dead
Crying to the spirits of the earth
To take the pain away
To combust this hate
To wash this pain away
Cleans the heart of this burning soul
To calm the hurricane storm

Leave this world with peace
Give meaning to life in a better way
Open the doors and take this storm away
Give this earth your sun with blooming rays of light
With clear clouds and blue skies
Give life to this dying generation
Surely after death comes life
Bring with you spirits of life and hope
Give back this breath you took away
End this storm before I pass away.

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