Hero teachers from the Northern Brazilian Region

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Hero teachers from the Northern Brazilian Region

Facing rivers, muddy lands,
Facing the heat, the cold,
And, the governmental neglect,
In this pandemic,
Colleagues from the north of Brazil,
A fundamental being.
Take the be - a - bá,
For children to become literate,
Print from your own pocket.
Or having to still have the knowledge
From the discipline itself,
And, still paddle.
There is physical, mental, emotional strength.
On May 2, 2021,
Fantástico's report ( https://globoplay.globo.com/v/9482294/?s=0s
And, I came across,
Here in São Paulo the high cost,
Teachers face other challenges.
And, our colleagues,
From the north, the northeast, the south, or other regions of the southeast,
They face murky waters,
Snakes along the way,
Rain or sun,
They carry it on their shoulders.
Congratulations, dear colleagues,
Congratulations children from these villages.
Congratulations to the reporters,
Who saw the importance of the TEACHER.
In this pandemic, it showed
That we are not "babysitters",
We are opinion makers,
We are dream-makers,
Fashion transformers,
And, we think of the students,
No matter the color,
It is our students who are human beings,
That each year,
They look for different knowledge.
And remember the diversity of culture,
That all our people go through.
And, in the grace of GOD,
Really, here in Sampa,
Readapted for dysphonia,
I will run after Wisdom,
And, guide my children,
My former students,
And in the not-too-distant future,
Well, I have Manú (special granddaughter, daughter of a great educator that I love and admire), my grandchildren.
And, with affection, dedicating this poem to the teachers of the wonderful and emotional story of Fantástico,
To Etec José Rocha Mendes professors,
In particular: Vagner Carvalheiro,
At the lighthouse fashion week ( https://www.instagram.com/tv/COfm1pkndlW/
And in particular to my former students in wheelchairs:
Arnaldo (Filinto Müller), Danilo (Alberto Conte) and Wilson Sabino (Lauro Pereira Travassos) and who taught me a lot in my 33 years of profession.
To all here, my humble gratitude.

Tereza Cristina G Castro.
Handwritten tribute poem in SP May 3, 2021.

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