And, now Marco Aurélio?

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And, now Marco Aurélio?
"Original of the Poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade - https://www.culturagenial.com/poema-e-agora-jose-carlos-drummond-de-andrade/"

What does Habeas corpus mean? LEGAL substantive phrase (TERMO) lawsuit with the objective of protecting the right to freedom of movement injured or threatened by an abusive act of authority.
I don’t understand some jurists, where the police, who are in front of the front, arrest, investigate, go beyond their capacity, and earn badly, and on the other hand the stupidity of certain laws that prevails the audacity of bandits, of minor offenders, in fact smaller than that?
Now, the controversy due to Article 316 of the Brazilian Criminal Procedure Code, based on the fact that we must review the arrest of bandits, whether from narco trafficking, such as André do Rap, or a killer, that man, may never have shot, but he certainly killed thousands of families because of their product, where young beasts fall for it, and end up going into space.
Now, I don't understand Mr. Marco Aurélio Mello, for some who steal bread, food, for their own survival, prison acts are never verified!
Because when a Habeas corpus falls for other judges to analyze, anything is forbidden, especially when people like the former goalkeeper Bruno who had his son’s mother killed, or that André do Rap, who, lay people, we already knew what would happen. He would run away as soon as he was released.
And, now Marco Aurélio?
Lux after 24 hours only came as a fugitive, but it was too late. And, I think, and many others that something may have happened.
The PCC, having committed to having his family killed, or I believe you are taking one of the victims of this dealer.
The population does not understand why potential weapons are in the hands of bandits, and in the meantime it is visible to the policeman who treats the bandit, like the one who raped a lady in her 80s with education, in the hands of our policemen, only sticks and stones . I can't understand it.
And, I also don't understand why young people from the information age, from the technology age come across and accept drugs every day, from a "simple" basis, that now even the care of hidden smoking is lacking, to the powerful remedies like ecstasy and others , which often lead to certain death.
I cannot understand it, as a judge who gives freedom to the traffickers who make a living in the death of so many innocent families.
I'm amazed!
I ask the Creator for Wisdom (
), I ask above all so that he can eliminate people like this without humanity and love for others.

Téka Castro
Handwritten on October 13, 2020, I offer in memoriam to police officers and police families, murdered due to drug use and abuse, around the world.
I offer to the devotees of Mary, whether in the denomination of Our Lady of Fatima, Aparecida, Círio de Nazaré.
And, for the devotees of Santa Dulce of the poor.
And, for all good men who preach and have attitudes of examples of the Words spoken by Christ.

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