Attending Human Sciences on June 23, 2020, at CMSP (Media Center of São Paulo), Speakers: Profª Sandra and Julieth Aquino, wonderful.

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Attending Human Sciences on June 23, 2020, at CMSP (Media Center of São Paulo), Speakers: Profª Sandra and Julieth Aquino, wonderful.

Suddenly, I hear about Indians;
Indians who own the Brasilis land,
Indians that many influenced by white, black,
It is different from the Story I read, as a teenager: Iracema, or from the Disney cartoon
- Pocahontas, and their lives follow.
Today mistreated by colonizers, mistreated by us.
They say that they, the Indians, have no culture, I certainly do not.
I scourge myself in this world.
The question of worshiping Nature,
The beauty of life,
The certainty that you will not hunt for pleasure, but to feed your life.
Here we have Indians, in the south region of São Paulo, Parelheiros, are people who need to be listened to more, for the culture, for the life they have, for the flavors of the cuisine, and why not their religion, linked to Nature, the beauty of Life ,
The beauty of a people, which we have to respect.
I feel sorry for the Portuguese, my ancestors, coming and trying to colonize. Or the bandeirantes, who never thought of heroes, killed, raped, and signed animals.
Yes, that history does not speak, does not quote, but that my body and mind, cry out so that everyone can hear.
And, we live in peace.
At first they tried to enslave the Indians, they did not accept it, and then they took it back to Africa, and took kings and queens out of there, to be slaves here.
Today, I see the decay of history, I know that everything we have was the basis of the blood of many lives.
I am grateful to the teachers of the History of Collective Pedagogical Work Activity (ATPC) that involved us, reminded us of our teenage lives, reminded me of a text read in one of the several meetings of the South Directorate 1, when I was the coordinator, of how they were ours Indians, and how they were influenced by our influence.
And, their Science is different, Culture, I even know it is sad, but some tribes when they saw children with a disability killed them, but who are we (white men, black men) to judge?
I read that when doing inclusion research, and shivered, how can you murder as soon as these children are born?
But, shall we then talk about abortion?
Yeah, we're all in the same boat, with different functions.
I thank today's teachers for this beautiful class, Julieth Aquino, the Indian teacher, and everyone who spoke.
Ah! I remembered that at EE Professor Doutror Lauro Pereira Travassos, we had an Indian in the region, it was difficult, because the school in the open season, he was naked, and to explain to the children at the time? Today I understand that he was not the one without shame, but we who did not see him with a good eye. Thank you Human Sciences staff for this beautiful atpc. I loved and was inspired by this text to write.

I offer this text to colleagues in History and Geography, the teachers and professors of the CMSP, Julieth Aquino, the elaboration of the Cavalo Nóia Project, long ago by Professor Jackson Mattos, a great artist, by the former school coordinator Alvira Soares, and now by the whole team.
By the PCNPs of the South Directorate 1, honoring Dayana Mendes, who will represent all the others.
For the indigenous lady who appeared in the video, from the tele class, and reminded me of mine, the project for the use of the EU, in which I work, which is Lauro.
Poetry handwritten today and transcribed for three sites.
Thank you for reading.
Peace, well and health to all of us.
São Paulo, June 23, 2020.
Chemistry teacher and writer Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro or simply Téka Castro.
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