Warning to Apostasy!

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Inquire of a piece of wood,
Their walking staff gives them prophets;
For a spirit of whoredom should,
If God was a whore that profits.

They sacrifice on mountain tops,
Burning offerings on the hill;
While harvesting of their crops,
Whatever that was the Lord’s will.

Therefore, your daughters play the whore,
As wives commit adultery;
Shameful acts behind the locked door,
With immoral iniquity.

God will not punish your daughters,
That have been playing as the whore;
If baptized in sacred waters;
Nestled along the holy shore.

Neither of your adulteress bride,
For without the understanding;
For men themselves have gone aside,
What the lifestyle’s demanding.

Although Israel plays the wench,
Allow not Judah to hold guilt;
Throwing them not into the trench,
Let their faith to become rebuilt.

Neither enter into Gilgal,
Neither go up into Bet Haven;
But use insight to rationale,
God molds and shapes them as graven.

Israel is a stubborn calf,
The Lord will feed them like a lamb;
Be defiant with a good laugh,
Not caring for the great I AM.

Ephraim has been joined to idols,
Leaves them alone when the drinks are gone;
After the end of the scandals,
Then the night breaks for a new dawn.

Because their drinks have turned sour,
As their rulers dearly love shame;
Commits whoredom they devour,
Even without knowing their name.

Wind has wrapped her up in her wings,
They feel ashamed of their forfeit;
Because what the punishment brings,
The iniquity they commit.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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