Telethon 2019

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Telethon 2019

AACD - Association for the Assistance of Disabled Children, needs you, or one day you may need AACD.
Yes, any of us, in an accident, in urban wars, or at birth, may need to start walking again, to move around.
Twenty-two years ago, a television entrepreneur opened up while Hebe Camargo (In memoriam), who requested the telethon marathon, and every year, in October, a complete program, full of beautiful faces and life stories that touch us every day.
I had to let my Gabriel, who was born prematurely together with Alexia Cristina, fly 18 years ago, and at 1 year and 9 months of age, he had to undergo a catheterization, and he became special after 10 minutes that his little heart stopped, when he returned special, it was already since his birth, and for a moment, he became more.
And, I started to learn about inclusion, whether through the physical, intellectual, or other part, and with this, I learned to improve in the classroom to be able to teach everyone, without distinction. I started to understand the other more, and today at 52 years of age, I fight for a more inclusive school, yes, but with people who help us with our students, giving support and affection because it is very difficult to see our special children, often played in public or private schools.
We need to talk more about inclusion, and therefore, every year, I put in favor in my social networks, the hastag teleton ( #teleton2019), for everyone to donate even if it is a value of R$ 5.00 (five reais), and I asked the whole world, whether you are Brazilian or not, so, As the telethon exists in Chile, and in other places in Latin America, so life goes on, life generates a new hope, and besides the children and other patients, to the employees, volunteers, doctors, Uncle Lalau, and many others, that God may bless them every day.
May life bring us many victories and fill our hearts, as Patati and Patatá sang, "Life is beautiful", we have to thank for everything, and in my summary, in the course of my life, I thank each one for reading this text, this poetry, and with joy, I ask you to make your donation, and God will always give you double.
# GodfathersTeleton
Writer Teka Castro

São Paulo, October 26, 2019.
From 10pm 30 minutes yesterday awake watching Marathon #Teleton2019.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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